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In 2024, we started an ALL THAT JAVA Sustainability Initiative. Our goal is to reduce all of our disposable waste to zero by 2025. It's a big goal and we're up for it! We feel that it's important to do our part for our planet and we have the community and platform to do it.



S  T  E  P    O  N  E

Recycle all used coffee and espresso grounds. lots of people have signed up for this and we have now met that goal. Coffee grounds are a natural fertilizer and they help accelerate composting. We are super proud of this! We calculated that we are saving 400+ lbs of waste each week by doing this!

S  T  E  P    T  W  O

Get rid of all paper sleeves. Implement rejsable sleeves starting with a fun new program, ALL THAT FEBRUARY. We are currently in the process of this (no more paper sleeves!) and it's going great! People are doing their part, reusing their sleeve and it's awesome!


S  T  E  P    T  H  R  E  E

COMMIT to using reusable cups ONLY. In more steps:

1. Our JAVA Team

2. Our regular customers

3. The larger community

4. Visitors and tourists


Making change takes time, commitment and money. We need to unlearn our old habits and create new ones. We need to use these sustainable products so that we can stop creating waste. Think how far we've come with our reusable grocery bags! Making ALL THAT JAVA sustainable will be so impactful for the planet, for our business, and for this industry. Let's reduce our waste to zero!

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